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About – Contact Me

An artist is often solely defined by their ability to create a painting or write a poem. Beyond this, an artist must also possess the ability to imagine and implement, connect and contribute, invent and improve, and turn nothing into something. At its core, the pursuit of artistry is a willingness to try and put oneself on display despite impending criticism. Sometimes the goal is to achieve mastery. Other times, it’s to experience the joy and satisfaction of a journey.

Stumbling Toward Artistry celebrates the art of life, and the artist who resides within us all…from the sculptor to the school teacher, the painter to the plumber, the writer to the wait staff, and the designer to the dishwasher. For at the dawn of each day, we all face a blank canvas and have the opportunity to make the best of things, to make things beautiful, or to simply make a mess! It’s these choices that ultimately determine who among us are a piece of art, and who are but a piece of work!

My artistic journey takes place through the camera’s lens where I stumble toward capturing photos worthy of witness, and with the computer keyboard, crafting words that speak their story. Yet, being aware I’m more average than an artisan, I’ll remain in the space between doing things right, and doing things over. Where an aptitude for the obvious allows for recognizing what is art and what is awful! When pictures speak a thousand words, but only if I compose correctly, and invent the right rhetoric, as my photos have yet to express the narrative on their own. And, most importantly, where the journey, the means, and the end reveal the reasons that only resonate with those who choose to remain in the space called, Stumbling Toward Artistry.


I once made a decent living writing press releases for computer game companies. The surprising conformity of that career drove me to sell drugs (of the legal sort) for a large pharmaceutical company. That gig was fairly successful. However, medicinals soon lost their allure and I missed putting pen to paper.

Currently, I write about my artistic journey in a format adverse to AP style while abstaining from pushing drugs. When I’m not behind a keyboard, I’m carrying a camera, snapping shots of people, places, and things. My genres of preference are documentary and lifestyle, as I most enjoy capturing the candids of everyday life. Sometimes this involves a series of pictures that reveal a complete story. Other times it’s one snapshot that tells an entire tale. Most of the time it’s somewhere in between. These pictures are unposed and unplanned, speaking the truth of our story.

I’m most inspired by the late documentary photographer, Dorthea Lange. For it’s she who said, “the camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”  Thank you, Dorthea, for opening my eyes.

 A picture speaks a thousand words. Especially when middle-aged women wear matching pajamas. In broad daylight!

This simple snapshot serves as inspiration for this blog. It tells a treasured story about the art of friendship and the special moments between a very big milestone.

My dear friend recently moved to a new town and was experiencing the agony of aging in imminent isolation. It was a traumatic time, the dawn of her 50th birthday. Fearing she’d be without comedic and wine-a-holic relief, some friends and I prepared for the three-hour drive to surprise the unsuspecting birthday girl. We fancied-up in matching PJ’s, filled ourselves with coffee, and found our way through the forest. When we finally arrived, arguing about where to ditch the car was all we could do to contain the hours of suppressed secrecy. I can still hear the hushed giggles mixed with the “shhh’s” and “be quiet’s!” as we made our way toward her front porch like a gaggle of giddy school girls. Fearing we’d be caught, crouching convinced us that colored pajamas could camouflage against the greenery, so we shuffled in a style any self-respecting neanderthal would surely catcall.

This is the moment I snapped the photo. The space between the excited scheming of the surprise, and the big moment itself. Yes, I captured that too, along with the tears of joy that came with it. However, it’s this photo that floods me with the memories, laughter, emotions, and hangover of that weekend. Happy birthday, dear Chris. You wear fifty, and your new jammies, well.