Letter to a Veterinarian

Letter to a Veterinarian

Dear Doctor,

I’ve been thinking about you even though you might not know who I am. I don’t hold this against you. I can only imagine the number of pets and owners in your care. You may remember a corgi coming to your office. Maybe you don’t. Besides, they all look the same. But not if you loved one.

I’m writing this because I remember you. I remember all of the visits to your office, even though they were far and few between. I’m lucky. My Lulu only needed a few appointments during her eleven years with your practice. She was a healthy dog. That is, until she wasn’t. Of course, there was the time she ate a bowl of M&Ms. Or when she had that strange odor, and you had to remove an unsightly lump from her cute corgi derriere.

I’m sure when you attended vet school, they taught about putting down animals as part of the job. It’s too bad pet owners don’t get this same schooling. We have to deal with the end-of-life stuff in our clumsy way, such as asking when it’s the right time, even though we already know the answer. I suppose we need to hear that it’s best for them. So, I thank you for your ability to treat a cat, a puppy, and a dying dog all in a day’s work.

We went to your office today, and my Lulu went to Heaven. All dogs go there, so they say. I pray they are right. I pray I get to see her there someday. I pray my baby remembers she is a good girl. I pray for you tonight, too.


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